Proprietary Captive – Sunstone Assurance

In 2010 Keystone was proud to announce the launch of their Delaware registered captive insurance company, Sunstone Assurance, LLC. In 2014, a Tennessee facility was launched with the formation of Sunstone Assurance II, LLC. Sunstone permits the formation of individual LLC’s (Series Business Units) licensed as a captive so that insureds can enjoy the benefits of a stand-alone captive structure, without incurring all of the related cost and resource commitments that are associated with running their own captive subsidiary.

In structuring Sunstone, Keystone made use of their decades of experience in crafting innovative insurance products using captives to develop a truly flexible facility that can have a substantial financial impact for our insureds. To learn more about how Sunstone can benefit your clients, you can download our brochures below or contact Keystone.