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Intro to Keystone

Keystone works with our agent/broker partners and their large commercial insurance clients who are willing to assume a portion of their own risk in order to gain greater control over their long-term costs of insurance. Keystone’s exclusive risk financing platform allows us to bring highly successful, customized captive insurance and risk management solutions to a wider audience of middle-market insureds. These insured tend to receive limited, “off the shelf” products from traditional markets, which often fall short on meeting their objectives.

Keystone’s associates function as technicians rather than salespeople, and have deep experience in the disciplines of underwriting, actuarial, banking, accounting, reinsurance and private insurance company formation and management. This allows Keystone to deliver a unique blend of risk analysis, financial proficiency, and underwriting know-how to their stakeholders, resulting in flexible, creative programs built to meet the evolving needs of our clients.

In summary, Keystone aims to help its customers think strategically about insurance by developing a long-range plan that delivers net cost savings, minimizes surprises, manages volatility, and simplifies the annual budgeting of this significant operating expense.
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